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Ques.) Who all can apply for loan?
Ans.) There are certain pre- requisites that you have to meet when you are applying for loan. a person who wants to apply for loan with us must be an employed UK citizen who should be more than 18 years of age and have a bank account. Those applicants who meet these conditions can avail funds within no time.

Ques.) Is it necessary to reveal the purpose of applying?
Ans.) No, there is no need for you to reveal the objective for which you are applying for loan.  Funds that you will get access to can be put to utilize for any of your impending tasks and needs.  You can use it for buying grocery, household goods and other things that are important and unavoidable.

Ques.) Can i apply despite having issues of bad credit history?
Ans.) Yes, you can very much apply for loan without having to worry about the hassle of facing credit check as we accept loan application from people from all walks of life.  No credit check formality will be bothering you either. So, forget defaults, county court judgments, arrears and individual voluntary arrangements.

Ques.) What all documents are required to be placed?
Ans.)There is no documentation formality that is going to trouble you when you are applying for additional funds through us. no such formality will trouble and bother the applicants who are applying for loan with us as we understand that working class people find it difficult to attain funds.

Ques.)  What is the repayment structure?
Ans.) We are working with money lenders who come up with repayment structure that best suit your present set of needs and pocket.

Ques.) What if I have no asset?
Ans.) There is no need for you to worry even if you have no asset as accept loan applications from people from all walks of life.      

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